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Equality – Education – Awareness – Empowerment


Lucy in The Andes is a social project with private funds to create horizons and employment alternatives for women from 14 to 25 years old.
The project will take place in remote communities such as Colorados, Shuar, Quechua, Huoranies, and coastal towns in Ecuador and other sites in the Andes.

Workshop Topics

As part of the project a workshop of 30 hours will be reviewed with the following topics:
• Anatomy of the woman’s body Duration: 3 hours
• Healthy relationships and harmful relationships Duration: 3 hours
• Diseases Duration: 2 hours
• Maternity Duration: 2 hours
• Sexual education Duration: 3 hours
• Women who are inspired Duration: 2 hours
• Scholarships for studies and occupation options Duration: 2 hours
• Rights and rules of the law Duration: 3 hours
• Recycling Duration: 3 hours
• Environment Duration: 3 hours
• Contraceptives Duration: 2 hours
• Nutrition Duration: 2 hours


Gynecological checkups – implementation of contraceptives.
Debates on topics such as principles, relationships.
Volleyball / Soccer put together a field and teams of women.
We pay participants $ 20 a day for a week.
We are going to give the three included meals and the free checks or implants.
To the community we are going to help with the preparation of the food, the rent of the space, accommodation and studies of soil and water.
We look for partners for the operation of the project and to collect funds

Sponsor Benefits

The sponsors have a monthly real history post from the community that they could use for their newsletter or blog, back link, mentions on social networks and announce the project on their websites and social networks.
The cost of the annual workshop is $ 16000


Gulliver Expeditions participates with $ 5000 per year
Would you like to be part of this project? Send us an email  info@lucyintheandes.com


Eran Hayoun