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Reasons to get women well educated


Education is one of the most essential parts of anyone’s life. Most people aspire to do well in school so that they can be accepted into a good university. In fact, many people find that having an education is one of the most important human rights, and to not send your children to school is considered a crime.

Unfortunately, for the longest time, women were not allowed to have an education, and even spending money on women’s education was considered to be a waste. For many years’ people didn’t see the importance of women’s education. However, not educating women has drastic consequences on any society.

It has been demonstrated that women receiving an education is extremely beneficial to any country. Women with educations can become doctors, teachers, lawyers, bankers, scientists, politicians, and more beneficiating countries society and economy.

When women work, they can help their families to be more financially stable by allowing women to have good jobs, this also allows women to be financially independent, which decreases the amount of crimes and violence against them. Another important key is that education allows women to have a voice and to have power within their own homes and communities. Also, educated women can raise better families, because they are more likely to be able to better provide for their family and raise educated children.

Here are 5 of the most important facts of women education:

*Reduce infant mortality

*Reduce maternal mortality

*Improve countries economic growth

*Reduce child marriage

*Reduce domestic and sexual abuse


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