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Job Inspirations for young women


Women really are inspirational, when you look at all that they have achieved in recent decades with the odds stacked against them. Across all fields, women have ventured into businesses, acquired positions that were hardly occupied by females previously, and opened up new businesses.

It is especially necessary for young girls to have role models they can look up to. They need positive examples and the reassurance that goals can be reached, by looking to women in real life who have achieved similar goals.

Thanks to a long list of courageous women and female entrepreneurs, young girls nowadays can look up to successful women from previous generations and receive reassurance and encouragement that it is worth the effort to chase your dreams.

While equality exists in theory, in most parts of the modern world there are still certain preconceptions we have to fight against together. Until we get there, it is of paramount importance that young women be conscious of their worth, and that they don´t let anyone put them down.

One of the best pieces of advice comes from an exceptional and self-empowered woman, Eleanore Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This is definitely true, and it will help you enormously in becoming the woman you want to be. Instead of placing the blame on somebody else for making you feel a certain way, take responsibility yourself. Don´t let them!
This is not only true for the feeling of inferiority, but for all negative feelings. Take control over your feelings, believe in yourself and don’t let others bring you down.  However, gaining strength out of intrinsic motivation might not come easy to all of us.
Therefore, it is of great help for young girls to have certain role models to look up to. Having someone showing you what is possible is not to be neglected.
Strong women who achieved things that no other woman did before can be great motivation for girls, providing them affirmation along their pursued paths.
Seeing women holding official positions that were previously never occupied by female contenders is a powerful sign that will give young women the incentive to work hard in order to accomplish their goals.

If you are interested in equality and would like to help us improve opportunities for women contact Lucy!