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In the current era of globalization, all humans are part of one world and an interconnected community. Lucy in the Andes is a project that transfers information and resources available in one region of our planet to another region where they are most needed.
We are extending an invitation for remote communities located in the Andes interested in being part of an educational project and that are willing to receive our workshop to apply.
The project is primarily focused on benefits for young women, but it will support the development of the entire community. Among other benefits, the community will also have the option to provide all of the accommodation, transportation and food options for the workshop, which will provide income.
If you are part of a community or know of one that meets our project specifications, please send us a request with the demographic info, local economy,and why it fits the workshop, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact us lisa@lucyintheandes.com or eran@luciyintheandes.com