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In a perfect world, globalisation will lead to equality. This will include transfer of information, knowledge in many life aspects. It will be our instrument to manage global issues like food production, disease treatments, transportation, population grow, ecology and education. All of theses mindful ideas unfortunately are not in the importance of most of politicians and countries leaders.
We are a non profit organisation created in order to bring knowledge and resources from first world to places where it needed most. “Lucy” is taking place in remote areas, communities and villages in the andes.There we give the support of sexual education, women empowerment, medical and legal assistance to women between the ages of 14-25 years old. The ages were they start their adult life and define their dreams and create their own horizons.
We can create tendencies that will affect the future of us and many generation to come. We believe in the power of good people that believe in influating and leaving an important fingerprint in our planet.
Eran Hayoun